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Dear Dieter,

I've got some exciting info for you. You can eat all the fat you want and you're going to lose 10lbs maybe more in a month. In a little bit you'll weigh less than you have since you were probably in high school.

You won't have to worry about the tedious task of recording calories in MyFitnessPal and you won't have to deprive yourself of all your favorite foods. It's going to be easier than riding your bike downhill.

Your life is about to get better beyond anything you've ever imagined.

But wait - I need to tell you something honestly ... there is one downside. You're probably going to have to go out and buy a new wardrobe to fit your new fit and slender body. But I don't think that should be that big of a deal for you...

You're going to have more energy than you've probably had in ages. You're going to be slim, attractive, people will take notice of your changes.

Just picture yourself out Saturday night - to celebrate your new image. There's going to be a new pep in your step, and a super lively gleam in your eye. People will stop to stare as you glide by...admiring your strong, lean'll exude the essence of magnetism...

In fact, you're going to feel so good you'll notice an improvement at work. Don't be surprised if you see your income increase in the next few months(Imagine booking that trip to the beach you've always dreamed about)Can you see yourself strutting through the sand, feeling and looking like a million dollars...

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